Greetings from the Loyola Technological Studies Department

Why should I consider Technology programs?

The future is not written, but why not prepare yourself? Technology courses offer hands on skills in a variety of areas under the guidance of teachers who have invaluable industry experience. Technology courses provide PATHWAYS to many post secondary programs (at both college and university) as well as apprenticeship and workplace and will give you an advantage as you continue on your journey. Safety is always a priority within all our courses.

Technology programs offered at St. Ignatius of Loyola include:

Take some time and stop by any of our classrooms to see all the exciting things that are happening. Ask the teacher and they will be happy to provide information of the individual programs.

Here are the teachers in our department and where you can find them.

  • Mr. J. Kosir Rm. 161/167 Construction Technology & Computer Engineering – DEPARTMENT HEAD
  • Mr. R. Ballan  Rm. 169  Media Arts and Technological Design.
  • Mr. B. Chambers Rm. 169 Communication Technology + TV, Video Movie Production
  • Ms. A. Sacco Rm. 167 Communication Technology + the Yearbook course and Fashion Design
  • Mr. D. Uskin Rm. 165 Transportation Technology, Communication Technology Integrated Technology
  • Ms. B. March  Rm. 181 and 179 Cosmetology and Food and Nutrition
  • Mr. J. White Rm. 179  Food and Nutrition
  • Mrs. A. Alfano Rm. 285 Computer Science

Technology Fair

  • Every February the Technology Department has a Technology Fair in the School atrium. Come down and check it out!

Halton Skills Competition

Computer Programming Competitions