Religious Accomodations

religionThe Halton Catholic District School Board is committed to the values of freedom of religion and freedom from discriminatory or harassing behaviours based on religion and will take all reasonable steps to provide religious accommodations within the legal rights afforded to the Catholic school system.

Students requesting religious accommodations must present written notice from their parents/guardians specifying their accommodation needs relating to religious observances, including holy days on which they will be absent from school. This notice should be made in advance (preferably at the beginning of each school year) to ensure that scheduling of major evaluations, such as tests, assignments or examinations, takes the religious observances into consideration.

For further information regarding Religious Accommodations, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal of the school, or refer to “Religious Accommodation Requests” on our board website:

Here is the letter to request Religious Accomodations: Religious Accommodations Request – Parental Letter