Loyola Google Apps

Google-Apps-for-EducationWhat is Loyola Google Apps?

  • Every teacher and student has a free Loyola Google account
  • There are free word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tools
  • There is free online storage of files that can be accessed any where, any time.
  • You can use Blogger or create websites for presentations.

How do I access my Loyola Google Account?

  1. Go to a school computer at Loyola and login
  2. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, and select change password (This new password is the password you’ll use for school computers and your Loyola Google Apps account) – Only have to do this step on the first login.
  3. Go to the homepage of the Loyola website
  4. On the right hand side under “Quick Links”, select “Loyola Google Apps”
  5. Your Login is firstname[dot]lastname[dot]3digitsassigned@loyola.hcdsb.org [You can get this from any teacher or staff member]
  6. Your password is the same password you enter for your school account