English Department

  • EnglishWordArtThe English teachers strive to provide students with literacy skills to communicate effectively, which is not only needed for success in school and their daily lives, but is critical to responsible and productive citizenship.  Students are provided with knowledge of literacy strategies and opportunities to develop skills in the areas of listening and speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing through a wide variety of texts, activities and tasks.  English courses are available in grades 9 & 10 at the Essential, Applied and Academic levels.  In grades 11 & 12, students may select courses at the Workplace, College or University levels, as well as the elective courses:  Writer’s Craft and Studies in Literature.  Texts are selected to engage students as well as challenge their views of themselves and their world, to make meaningful connections between themselves, what they encounter in texts, and the world around them and to think critically.

English as a Second Language

  • The ESL teachers strive to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in both their social and academic lives, to become responsible and productive citizens.  Students are provided with opportunities to develop the skills necessary to communicate in a variety of social settings. To integrate confidently into mainstream courses, achieve academically and take charge of their learning.  Students are offered courses at five levels, depending on their language proficiency as well as support through monitoring by the ESL teachers.

Teaching Staff

  • Ms. Jones (Acting Department Head, ESL & English)
  • Ms. Bracco
  • Ms. Castronovo
  • Ms. Celestini (ESL & English)
  • Ms. DiGennaro
  • Ms. Kiervin
  • Mr. Grice (English, Chemistry, Religion)
  • Ms. Mascarenhas
  • Courses Offered
  • ENG1D1, Grade 9 Acadamic English
  • ENG1P1, Grade 9 Applied English
  • ENG2D1, Grade 10 Academic English
  • ENG2P1, Grade 9 Applied English
  • ENG3U1, Grade 11 University English
  • ENG3C, Grade 11 College English
  • NBE3U1, Grade 11 First Nations Studies English
  • ENG4U1, Grade 11 University English
  • ENG4C Grade 12 College English
  • EWC4U1, Grade 12 Writer’s Craft
  • ESLAO, Beginning Communication in English
  • ESLBO, English in Daily Life
  • ESLCO, English for School and Work
  • ESLDO, English for Academic Study
  • OLC4O1, Ontario Literacy Course