co-operative-education-logo_rgbThe Co-Operative Education program at Loyola  provides you with an opportunity to test a possible future career through a work placement, and develop the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes for success in the world of work.   Co op is a two credit course that runs each semester for two periods.  Students will do an in class session for 2 weeks before going out to work at their preferred placement.  They will then complete 200 hours over the semester in order to obtain two secondary school credits through experience at a work station.  Anyone interested should see me (Mr. Sebben) in the co op office to get more info.

Some of our most recent placements include:
-safety village for police                                -veterinary clinic
-pharmacy                                                        -day care centres
-dental assistant                                              -culinary (cora’s, mo’s, taste, holiday Inn)
-automotive                                                     -senior residence (waterford, chartwell)              
-law firm                                                           -physiotherapy clinics
-accountant                                                      -drama (innovative Acting)
-hospital                                                            -media (cogeco, chill media)
-aerospace engineering                                  -art gallery
-riding academy (silverspring farm)              -construction, home decor
-fashion design
-Gear music store
-retail (national sports, staples, toys r us, footlocker, hockey life)
-fitness (goodlife, sports academy)
If you want it, we can find it!