Civvies Day (Sept 24) and Orange Shirt Day (Sept 28)

Our first civvies day is Mon. Sept. 24!  St. Ignatius of Loyola has a fine tradition of working together as social activists to support many causes, locally, nationally and globally.  Students will be given the opportunity to show their support by participating in Civvies Days throughout the year.  We ask that you register on School Cash Online and donate to support the many causes our community supports, but to also take part in our Civvies Day Program.  We are asking for $10.00/student that will cover the entire year of civvies days.  A portion of the total collection will be provided to various charities and causes throughout the school year.  Future donation allocation will be selected with input from our student body and Student Council.

This first civvies day donation will go towards the Loyola Culture of Life, “Celebrate Life” club.  The club is geared specifically toward helping out Catholic school community to understand Church teaching on the dignity of human life.  The funds will go towards the students Celebrate Life Club events, charities, guest speakers and student field trips.

Orange Shirt day (annually on Sept. 30), acknowledges the residential school system in Canada, honours those that survived, remembers those that did not, and recognizes the ongoing effects of intergenerational trauma.  We’re asking students to wear an orange shirt on Sept. 28th.  This is not a full civvies day.  We’re asking to students to wear school pants/shorts and school shoes with their orange shirt. The other option is to wear the full school uniform.

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