Canadian & World Studies


The Canadian and World Studies program encompasses five subjects: geography, history, law, politics and civics. In studying these subjects, students learn how people interact with and within their social and physical environments today, and how they did so in the past.

Course Subjects:

Grade 9

  • CGC 1D/1P- Canadian Geography (compulsory)

Grade 10

  • CHC 2D/2P- Canadian History (compulsory)
  • CHV 2O- Civics (compulsory)

Grade 11

  • CGF 3M – Physical Geography: Patterns, Processes and Interactions
  • CGG 3O – Travel and Tourism: A Regional Geographic Perspective
  • CHA 3U- American History
  • CLU 3M- Understanding Canadian Law

Grade 12

  • CGW 4U- Canadian and World Issues
  • CGU 4U- World Geography: Human Patterns and Interactions
  • CHY 4U- World History: The West and the World
  • CLN 4U – Canadian and International Law
  • CPW 4U- Canadian and World Politics

The CWS Department provides opportunities to experience the real world situations as a compliment to classroom instruction.

Opportunities outside the classroom have included the following:

  • Mock Trial Competition
  • SOMA Model United Nations
  • Cultural and Urban Walking Tours of Downtown Toronto
  • Welland Canal and Adam Beck Hydro Station Tours in Niagara Falls
  • Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
  • Ontario Court of Justice and the Ontario Superior Court
  • McMaster University GIS Day
  • Senior CWS student overnight bus trip tours to Washington and Boston
  • Guest speakers have included police officers, judges, corrections workers, politicians,
  • War Veterans and Holocaust presenters.