The Business Department at Loyola offers a wide variety of business courses that challenge and excite students. Courses include topics on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, the Impact of Information Technology, International Business, Management Fundamentals, Accounting, and Economics.

Classes provide a good mix of theoretical knowledge, hands-on practical projects, presentations, guest speakers and other technological media to instill the business concepts. Coupled with relevant learning resources and passionate teachers, students find out where Business plays a part in their future!

Teaching Staff

  • Mr. V. Battaglia
  • Mr. J. Syko
  • Mrs. R. Silva
  • Mr. N. DeStefano
  • Ms. N. Mendola


The Business Department offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that provide for a great learning experience, new friends, and a lot of fun!

  • New York City Business Trip
  • Fun Activities: Funny Money Presentation, Guest Speakers
  • Business Certificate: Can be earned by Grade 12 students who have successfully completed 5 Business Studies (including Economics) courses. Grads can include this on their resume applications to post-secondary schools. For more information see a Business teacher.

Business Courses