Supporting Student Success and Career Pathways at Loyola

The Student Success Team at St. Ignatius of Loyola works to ensure that every student’s interests, goals, strengths and needs are addressed both in and outside of the classroom. To further support student success, as well as the Individual Pathways Plan and inquiry-based learning, students across the HCDSB use the program: myBlueprint Education Planner.

For students in grades 7 through 12, myBlueprint promotes self-discovery and exploration through various features including the self-interest and self-discovery surveys. Students can complete six comprehensive assessments (including Learning Styles, Personality, Interests, Knowledge, Motivations, and Compatibility) to learn more about themselves as well as potential high school courses, post-secondary programs, and career opportunities related to their interests and passions. The interactive design and realistic insight provided by the surveys help students gain self-confidence and sparks their curiosity in an effort to begin planning for the future. To learn more about the myBlueprint Education Planner, ask your son or daughter, or click here to access the program.

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