Mrs. Kandy Harkin is the Chaplain at St. Ignatius of Loyola Secondary School. The Chaplain is available to support and guide all members of the school community on their faith journey. In order to do this the Chaplain provides opportunities for prayer, sacraments and celebrations of the Eucharist, staff and student retreats, pastoral counselling, resource for student projects, prayer services and class discussion.

By calling forth the talents and gifts of students and staff, the Chaplain encourages a strong sense of Christian community in our school. Fostering both a sense of caring and of social justice, the Chaplain shares in what makes our school a special experience for all who are a part of St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary.  Students are welcome to drop by the Chaplain’s office at any time.

St. Ignatius Prayer


The month of January is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus, which is celebrated on January 3. The first eight days of January fall during the liturgical season known as Christmas which is represented by the liturgical color white. The remaining days of January are the beginning of Ordinary Time. The liturgical color changes to green — a symbol of the hope of reaping the eternal harvest of heaven, especially the hope of a glorious resurrection.

The Holy Father’s Intentions for the Month of January 2018

Religious Minorities in Asia: That Christians, and other religious minorities in Asian countries, may be able to practice their faith in full freedom.

Overview of the month:

January 1: Mary, Mother of God, Solemnity

January 2. Basil the Great; Gregory Nazianzen, Memorial

January 7. Epiphany of the Lord: The Gospel recounts the Wise Men’s visit to Bethlehem.

January 8. Baptism of the Lord

January 14 ~ 2nd SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME~ World Day of Migrants and Refugees

January 17. St. Anthony

January 21 ~ 3rd SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME ~ Prayer for Christian Unity

January 24 – St. Francis de Sales

January 25. Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle, Feast

January 26. Timothy and Titus, Memorial


January 31 – St. John Bosco


Source: Catholic Education Resource Centre

  1. Go star gazing to celebrate Epiphany. Have the children to find the brightest stars in the sky. Discuss how the wise men might have felt while they were traveling to meet the new King, Jesus.
  2. Make a beautiful, decorative sign or piece of art work with Jesus’ name on it to honor the Most Holy Name of Jesus (January 3rd).
  3. Many January saints taught others, such as Sts. John Bosco, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Angela Merici, and Thomas Aquinas. In their honor, learn a Bible verse, prayer, or activity to teach others about your faith.
  4. To celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord (Sunday after Epiphany), share pictures and keepsakes of your children’s baptisms with them. Tell them about the events and emotions of that day.
  5. As the new year begins, reminisce with your family about the past year and talk about plans and goals for this year.
  6. Attend Mass on the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (Jan. 1st) – It’s a Holy Day of Obligation
  7. Try to learn to juggle like St. John Bosco (Jan. 31st) did to entertain people.
  8. Make or buy a King Cake to mark Epiphany.
  9. Celebrate New Year’s Day (or Eve) with your family. Make it a memorable day with fun, treats (maybe even sparkling juice), and family togetherness.
  10. Do an Epiphany Home Blessings by writing 20+C+B+M+14 above your front door in chalk.


Epiphany Chalk Blessing

The lintel of the main door of the house is marked with blessed chalk by the father of the household in the following manner:

20+C+M+B+12 while saying the following prayer:

The Three Wise Men

C  Caspar

M  Melchior

B  & Balthasaar, followed the star of God’s Son who became Man

20 Two-thousand

12 and twelve years ago

+ May Christ

+ Bless our home

+ and remain with us

+ through the new year.

Almighty God, incline Thine ear.  Bless us and all who are gathered here.  Send Thy holy angel who will defend us, and fill with grace all who dwell here.  Amen

Source: Mary Glavich: Prayer First


Lord, thank you for all you do for me and those around me. I know I am fully blessed, but I come to you with something on my heart.  Today I am just really stressed. You know, Lord, that I am having some trouble with the exam I am about to take. I know it’s probably not the biggest problem in the world, with people starving, people turning away from you, people in wars, and more. But, Lord, it’s what I’m facing right now, and I need you in this time. I know that no problem is too big or too small for you to handle, and I need to turn this stress over to you to help me with. AMEN

Lord, I just need to be able to focus. I need your help to look at this information so I can remember and apply it well on my exam. I need you to help me feel more confident going into the test and relax a bit so I can concentrate. Lord, please help the people around me to understand that I need to focus and study.  Lord, I ask that you guide me toward the right places to look and the right places to focus. There is so much information in front of me, and I know I have notes, but help me read them in a way that makes sense.  Help me see the information clearly because it will help me pass. AMEN

Also, Lord, help me when I walk into the exam. Let there be a peace that flows over me.  Lord, please let me walk in that room knowing that I did my best to prepare.  Let me know that I have given it my best.  Give me the peace, when it is all said and done, to know that I walked in and did my best. I pray, Lord, for your guiding hand as I take the exam, and I ask for your welcome calm when I walk out of the classroom after. AMEN

Lord, thank you for all the blessings you have placed in my life. Thank you for being here in this time when I feel a bit overwhelmed. Thank you for always being there and allowing me to rely on you. Praise your name. Amen.

Source: Mitch Finley: Begin With Prayer