Mrs. Kandy Harkin is the Chaplain at St. Ignatius of Loyola Secondary School. The Chaplain is available to support and guide all members of the school community on their faith journey. In order to do this the Chaplain provides opportunities for prayer, sacraments and celebrations of the Eucharist, staff and student retreats, pastoral counselling, resource for student projects, prayer services and class discussion.

By calling forth the talents and gifts of students and staff, the Chaplain encourages a strong sense of Christian community in our school. Fostering both a sense of caring and of social justice, the Chaplain shares in what makes our school a special experience for all who are a part of St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary.  Students are welcome to drop by the Chaplain’s office at any time.

St. Ignatius Prayer


The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. The Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated on October 7. October falls during the liturgical season known as Ordinary Time, which is represented by the liturgical color green.

During October, as in all of Ordinary Time, the Liturgy does not focus on one particular mystery of Christ, but views the mystery of Christ in all its aspects. We follow the life of Christ through the Gospels, and focus on the teachings and parables of Jesus and what it means for each of us to be a follower of Christ.

The feasts on the General Roman Calendar celebrated during the month of October are:

October 1: Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus Memorial
October 2: Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 4: Saint Francis of Assisi

October 6: Saint Bruno; Blessed Marie Rose Durocher
October 7: Our Lady of the Rosary

October 9: Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 11: Saint John XXIII

October 14: Saint Callistus I
October 15: Saint Teresa of Jesus
October 16: Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 17: Saint Ignatius of Antioch

October 18: Saint Luke
October 19: Saint Paul of the Cross
October 20: Saint Hedwig; Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

October 22: Saint John Paul II
October 23: Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 24: Saint Anthony Mary Claret
October 28: Feast day of Saint Simon and Saint Jude

October 30: Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for the month of October 2016

Universal:  That journalists, in carrying out their work, may always be motivated by respect for truth and a strong sense of ethics.

Evangelization: That World Mission Day may renew within all Christian communities the joy of the Gospel and the responsibility to announce it.

We gather for Thanksgiving on October 10th!

Scripture and Tradition provide us with a rich tradition of giving God thanks for his blessings. Thanksgiving prayers, psalms, and hymns, provide many ways to give thanks to the Lord for his goodness and mercy. Here are some prayers which are ideal for our Canadian Thanksgiving holidays.

Thanksgiving Blessing

O God,
We thank you for this earth, our home; for the wide sky and the blessed sun, for the ocean and streams, for the towering hills and the whispering wind, for the trees and green grass.

We thank you for our senses by which we hear the songs of birds, and see the splendor of fields of golden wheat, and taste autumn’s fruit, rejoice in the feel of snow, and smell the breath of spring flowers.

Grant us a heart opened wide to all this beauty; and save us from being so blind that we pass unseeing when even the common thorn bush is aflame with your glory.

For each new dawn is filled with infinite possibilities for new beginnings and new discoveries. Life is constantly changing and renewing itself. In this new day of new beginnings with God, all things are possible. We are restored and renewed in a joyous awakening to the wonder that our lives are and, yet, can be.


(Source: Walter Rauschenbusch)


Thanksgiving Prayer

Almighty God,
Father of all mercies,
we your unworthy servants give you humble thanks
for all your goodness and loving-kindness
to us and to all whom you have made.
We bless you
for our creation, preservation,
and all the blessings of this life;
but above all for your immeasurable love
in the redemption of the world
by our Lord Jesus Christ;
for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory.
And, we pray,
give us such an awareness of your mercies,
that with truly thankful hearts
we may show forth your praise,
not only with our lips, but in our lives,
by giving up ourselves to your service,
and by walking before you
in holiness and righteousness all our days;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
to whom, with you and the Holy Spirit,
be honor and glory throughout all ages. Amen.

Source: Book of Common Prayer/Book of Divine Worship

Thanksgiving For the Earth’s Beauty

We give you thanks, most gracious God,
for the beauty of earth and sky and sea;
for the richness of mountains, plains, and rivers;
for the songs of birds and the loveliness of flowers.
We praise you for these good gifts,
and pray that we may safeguard them for our posterity.
Grant that we may continue to grow
in our grateful enjoyment of your abundant creation,
to the honor and glory of your Name, now and for ever. Amen.
Book of Common Prayer/Book of Divine Worship

October is Rosary Month: Why Pray the Rosary?

October 7th is the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary and the month of October is traditionally the month of the rosary. Why did the Blessed Mother ask us to pray the rosary at many of her approved apparitions such as at Fatima? Why should we pray at all?

We know that God is perfect and perfectly happy, so he doesn’t need our prayers or affections… but he loves us and wants us to be happy. And he wants to have a loving relationship with us both now and for eternity.

God is potentially the greatest source of happiness we can possibly have, as God is the greatest, the most beautiful, most loving, all-powerful and all-knowledgeable being in existence… much greater than we can even imagine (even potentially greater than falling in love with someone here on earth). We can get glimpses of what God is like through the good things he has created, hopefully without letting them sidetrack us from loving and putting God first as we should.

Prayer is a way to help us get in touch with God and to develop a relationship with him. In prayer we not only talk with God, but God communicates with us. As we continue to pray, our relationship with God grows, and we are transformed more into the people we are meant to be.

So why pray the rosary?

One reason the Blessed Mother asked us to pray the rosary might be because it can benefit anyone at any stage of the spiritual life from beginners to advanced. The “Catechism of the Catholic Church” teaches about various types of prayer including vocal prayer, meditation and contemplation. The rosary is a vocal prayer, a meditation and can lead to contemplation.

To sum up, the rosary is a prayer highly recommended by the Blessed Mother herself as well as popes and saints. It has very many levels from vocal prayer, to meditation and is also a pathway to contemplation. The goal is a greater love for God and union with God.

Source: Kathryn Marcellino, OCDS – Spiritual Director.