Night School

InfoTMCrmation about Night School for semester 2 is now available in Student Services. Courses are available for Full Credit, Upgrade and for Travel for Credit.

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Eco Club Waste Reduction Week Results


Loyola students did an awesome job and collected the following during waste reduction week :

  • 41 cell phones
  • 48 chargers
  • 30 head phones
  • 2,265 batteries…. 👍
  • 39 ink cartridges
  • 55cords/wires
  • 19 other eWaste 😄

Well done Hawks we saved a lot of valuable ” elements and compounds ” from our landfills and water table.


IMG_7423FullSizeRender (003)

Eco Club Waste Reduction Week

20151019_144501Loyola Hawks are participating in Waste Reduction Week by collecting old cell phones and chargers.  Please help support our efforts by dropping off your old phones and keeping this hazardous waste out of our landfills.  We are also asking the Loyola community to make litter-less lunchesand choose biking or walking to school instead of driving.